Reverse Management

leading from behind...

Welcome to the world of Reverse Management!

Business People

Everyone is busy, and with an almost endless 'to do' list the question becomes - 'what should I do first?'. There are many to do lists and task management applications, but they're all missing a key capability: prioritization. It's up to us to manually triage all those different tasks, and we're not good at it. Interesting tasks occlude the less interesting, and only the squeaking wheels get oiled. That is until the important tasks becomes urgent, or the valuable opportunity passes. Or the wheel, metaphorically, falls off and the disgruntled customers quietly leave.

Introducing... Reverse Management!

Business People in Conflict

'Reverse Management' is a new concept of managing from beneath, rather than managing from above. It's also a Microsoft Teams app that aggregates, augments and analyses information from Microsoft 365 such as task and calendar data, and then tells you what you need to do NOW. It is designed to be used by businesses to allow employees to achieve at least a 20% productivity improvement simply by doing the right activity at the right time.

Reverse Management has a free plan for individuals, along with a professional version with enterprise features designed for businesses with a subscription licensing model.

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